Sprint 3 Retrospective


In this sprint, I mainly did the following things:

What Worked Well

In this sprint, I had a lot of clear feedback from the prior sprint. This allowed me to very quickly knock out a lot of work in the first few days. It was very simple to go through and make all of the required changes.

What Didn’t Work Well

In hindsight, I should’ve made those “backend modification changes” one card. Instead I had four separate cards and four separate merge requests. It would’ve been cleaner and faster to have one card for it all.

Similarly, having finished those tasks so quickly left me at a loss of what to do for a while. I ended up helping some team mates out with a few things, but eventually I settled on working on the docker aspects of the system. I then ended up spending a lot of that time helping myself understand how it worked and wasn’t able to make as much progress as I otherwise would’ve liked.

I also think that simply due to the nature of the end of a semester, we didn’t really have the time to work outside of class on this. I personally had two projects I needed to create as well as a lot of studying to do. It was also hard to resist planning out my summer in my free time since I needed to buy thing and make plans for my summer of biking, tennis, and grass mowing.

What Changes Could be Made to Improve as a Team

Once again, we overall worked pretty well together. I’d say initially our team didn’t really do too much together. Everyone was working on their individual components and so we didn’t communicate as much as we might’ve been able to. That said, later in the sprint when we actually did need help on things, we all were able to come together and figure things out.

Supposing we were ever to work together as a team, I think we could improve by being more vocal and more unified. I think most of our problems though came from this being a course as well as us being mentally done with the semester. If this were a continuous job, things may have been naturally better.

What Changes Could be Made to Improve as an Individual

In this sprint, I didn’t do as much work I could’ve done. I could’ve asked if my teammates needed help on things and worked on the frontend, for example. I could’ve had a better attention span and self control near the end of semester.

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